S@SIM v0.1 

SATSIM is a program for students
that simulates space hardware,
right on their desktop.

Build using real-world components

S@SIM is your virtual space hardware lab 
that lets students, imagine, build, test and launch their space ideas at much lower cost, and in shorter time  
than it takes using physical space technologies.   

S@SIM Experience Modules

1. Lets Go Shopping! 

With more components than ever, see what's out there in the space marketplace or upload your own hardware. 

2. Build it Out

Stack it, spin it, and squeeze your hardware into a 1U, 3U or 6U. It's all about efficiency of size and weight. 

3. Command & Control

Your space hardware is only as good as the instructions you give it. Code like a champ!

4. Shake it, 'till you break it. 

Testing your article is just as important as every other step on your journey into space. 

5. Paperwork, Paperwork

All the OTHER things you'll need to do before you can get into space. (FYI there are a LOT) 

6. It's Go / No Go Time

Get ready to loft your craft to its final destination (image from 'Rocket Explorer' by Stanley Creative)

Experience more than just satellites...

With S@SIM you'll be able to build 
Lunar and Mars Rovers
Design and Assemble
Powerful Rocket Engines
Run Simulations of
Satellite Constellations

Be one of the first

S@SIM will enter public beta in the 4th quarter of  2021. To get the inside track on all our developments, or to be an alpha tester, please sign up below.


We're a space startup looking to develop space ideas for the benefit of humanity.

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